Senior Controls Systems Engineer

Verus Research is searching for a Senior Controls Systems Engineer.

The Senior Controls Systems Engineer will focus on the design, development, and testing of autonomous and adaptive control systems.  The selectee for this important role is expected to perform high-level design and development of advanced control algorithms, apply and develop formal verification methods to analyze and ensure system performance, develop simulation environments for testing, and implement algorithms in software and on embedded systems.  This work will require conduct of guided and independent research, working independently and within a team, finely honed research and critical thinking skills, and the ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and concisely via written products and oral presentations.  This posting is for work in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Success in this demanding position will stem from these additional requirements:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Holding or being able to obtain a Department of Defense security clearance
  • Technical degree in electrical, aerospace, or mechanical engineering, or related field
  • Demonstrated expertise in developing, testing, and verifying control system algorithms
  • Familiarity with MATLAB, Simulink, C++, Python™, or other programming languages
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