HPM Engagement Modeling & Simulation

Verus Research maintains and advances the Joint Radio-frequency Effectiveness Model (JREM), providing a one-stop application for High Power Microwave (HPM) weapon studies — improving data collection and effects modeling processes for HPM effects prediction and system recuperation time estimates.


Verus Research leads the research and development of several software capabilities that estimate the susceptibility and vulnerability of various electronic targets to electromagnetic (EM) attack. Solutions utilize novel EM computational techniques and system functional descriptions to predict coupling and system failures.

High-Fidelity Computational Electromagnetic

Verus Research uses customized electromagnetic (EM) simulations that estimate EM propagation through larger, and more complex environments than conventional solvers — enabling analysis of electrically large platforms, EM signal propagation in dense urban environments, and virtual prototyping and optimization.


Verus Research designs and develops innovative research capabilities to collect empirical recuperation time (RT) data, simulating the attack of a High Power Microwave (HPM) weapon. Combined with our development of a Network Complexity Metric, we provide new capabilities to perform HPM predictive RT analyses.