Air Force Awards Third Verus Research Task Order Under RDH-1 Call 6

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded Verus Research a third task order under the RDH-1 Call 6 High Power Microwave (HPM) Effects contract.

Following on to Verus Research’s success in task orders 1 and 2, AFRL’s High-Power Electromagnetics Division will look to Verus Research to assess weapon system performance and target effects, while also enriching understanding of causal effects mechanisms to help guide future HPM system development. Under this effort, Verus Research will also continue improvements to the Joint Radio-frequency Effectiveness Model (JREM) and its application for test planning, mission modeling, and weaponeering.

The Verus Research task order 3 team will also support HPM test and evaluation efforts at multiple test ranges across the country in Joint HPM system assessments, enabling the HPM community to transition this innovative technology to the warfighter.