Services & Technical Expertise

What We Do

We realize highly complex solutions through application of custom systems engineering techniques and deep domain knowledge.

Our Expertise

  • Modeling, simulating, testing, and analyzing radio frequency communications, electromagnetic, and optical systems
  • Developing electromagnetic simulation tools to predict physical interaction effects
  • Solving complex signal processing and signal detection problems more efficiently
  • Integrating and refining legacy software to solve modern problems
  • Applying sound scientific principles, techniques, and methodologies to meet challenging technical objectives
  • Performing in-depth analysis of current and future technologies
  • Guiding the development of large, complex systems through systems engineering and technical project management
  • Supporting life cycle management of custom systems to meet our customer requirements
  • End-to-end laser system modeling and simulation
  • High-power microwave system and source design


  • High-power electromagnetic exploitation, engagement and assessment
  • Time out of action assessments
  • Cognitive radios and spectrum exploitation
  • Synergistic cyber and high-power electromagnetic disruption
  • Counter-improvised explosive device platforms
  • Antenna design
  • Electromagnetic pulse test and evaluation
  • Near field emissions testing


  • Radar
  • Covert communications
  • Sonar
  • Robotics


  • Radiation effects analysis
  • Survivability and hardness testing
  • Neutron test capability development
  • Environment simulation

& Simulation

Advanced high power electromagnetic modeling & simulation (M&S), radio frequency communications, antenna design, cognitive radios and spectrum exploitation, test hazard prediction, 3-D visualization & animation, reconfigurable systems and cognitive architectures, mechanical structural analysis (static & dynamic), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), particle transport and plasma M&S

Onsite Technical

Systems engineering and technical project management, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, spacecraft design, environmental radiation sensing, mechanical & electromagnetic system design, nuclear reactor analysis and design, radiation transport, and beam target modeling


Advanced materials research and applications, electromagnetic and ionizing radiation effects, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, experimental validation and testing, high-reliability mechanical systems, plasma pinch and pulsed power