Verus Research to Provide Quick Reaction Capabilities With EMITTERS Award

In response to a need for “quick reaction capabilities” to help counter the growing threat posed by opposing forces’ unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), Verus Research has been selected to enhance its existing Directed Energy System Placement Analysis (DESPA) capability.

DESPA is a counter-UAS weapon mission planning tool that depicts the engagement of high-power microwave (HPM) systems against UAS targets in a 3-dimensional scene, with user controls to add, locate, and orient any available HPM sources. DESPA provides immediate visual cues to indicate first-order estimates of weapon range to effect and collateral damage potential. It provides controls for moving the HPM sources so that users can see in real time how the HPM coverage may change based on the number and placement of HPM weapons. Further, it has an automated interface to Verus Research’s Joint RF Effectiveness Model (JREM) which allows users to perform more detailed propagation analysis and generate second-order collateral damage estimates.

The new $450,000, 1-year effort awarded under Verus Research’s existing Test & Evaluation Non-Kinetic (TEN-K) contract will tailor DEPSA for test and evaluation (T&E) purposes and is called ElectroMagnetic Interactive Tool for Test & Evaluation of Rf Systems or EMITTERS.  EMITTERS will include tailored capabilities to support T&E of counter-UAS systems and the testing of HPM weapons. Its expanded capabilities will include an interactive, 3-dimensional view of outdoor effects testing and pre-defined scenarios for HPM test sites. It will model dynamic engagements and support export of artifacts for test planning and safety assessments, including hazard zones, effectiveness, and collateral damage.

As HPM systems begin to make their way into the battlespace, it will be increasingly important to quickly assess how well these systems will perform and identify any hazards they may pose. These Verus Research tools will be key to ensuring safe and effective operation of these new weapon systems.