Verus Research to Support the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Advanced Electromagnetic Technology (AET) Program

Under the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Advanced Electromagnetic Technology (AET) family of programs, Verus Research has been awarded a 4-year, $4.1M award for “High Power Electromagnetic (HPEM) Material and Plasma Science and Technology.”

This technical area represents much of the cutting-edge technologies being studied at AFRL to advance the state-of-the-art in new HPEM capabilities.  It includes fundamental physical understanding of the interaction of millimeter-wave radiation with high-temperature materials and the atmosphere.  The resulting knowledge will aid in developing an essential understanding of the initiation and sustainment of low-pressure plasmas using HPEM, as well as the design, fabrication, and test of a wide range of related HPEM components.

In addition to its collaboration with leading University teammates possessing complementary capabilities in materials interaction, modeling, and experimentation, Verus Research will leverage its unrivaled expertise and deep domain knowledge in the physics-based theoretical development of predictive modeling frameworks.  The end result will describe the interaction of HPEM and millimeter-wave with semiconductor and composite materials for power beaming applications and plasma interaction studies.

According to Verus Research’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. J. Mark DelGrande, “the HPEM Material and Plasma Science and Technology effort will be a great way to study HPEM regimes that have yet to be explored and is a perfect fit for Verus Research as it continues to create solutions that matter.”