Verus Research Wins $37.5M Contract to Enable Autonomous Multi-Satellite Systems

Verus Research has been awarded a $37.5M, 5-year contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate to develop “Tools for Enabling Autonomous Multi-satellite Systems (TEAMS).”

The effort is intended to build the necessary technology and capabilities for demonstrating autonomous, coordinated satellite operations, with a focus on quantifying the advantages of using autonomy to solve specific problems and providing the assurances to deploy the resulting solutions with confidence. The culmination of TEAMS will be a series of autonomy payloads that will integrate into an on-orbit space experiment that demonstrates a specific autonomy use case and establishes autonomy as a beneficial tool for satellite operators.

TEAMS builds upon Verus Research’s expertise in designing and verifying autonomy software, supporting satellite communications and radio frequency systems, and advancing autonomy research and testbed development. TEAMS will also leverage our existing algorithms and software to provide the enabling tools and payload for conducting a successful autonomy flight experiment.

To support the overall TEAMS program, Verus Research is proud to partner with the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque-based IDEAS Engineering & Technology, Trusted Space, Inc., and the Georgia Tech Research Corporations.

Dr. J. Mark DelGrande, Verus Research Chief Technology Officer, notes “this award reflects a purposeful and sustained Company effort to meet emerging needs for autonomy in space, resulting Verus Research becoming a cutting-edge contributor in autonomy, machine learning, and their applications in both space and terrestrial environments.”