System Integration
Verus Research combines comprehensive Systems Engineering capabilities with our scientists and engineers experienced in high-power electro-magnetics to integrate complex high energy system solutions. By utilizing tailored Systems Engineering practices, we accurately capture customer requirements and successfully integrate solutions requiring multiple technology contributors.
Plasma Physics
Plasma Physics
Applied Research
Verus Research conducts studies in plasma technologies, seeking to advance the state-of-the-art of numerous applications in this unique and evolving field. Our recent efforts include space technologies, high-energy switching, RF signal chopping, circuit protection, and medical equipment sterilization.
Microwave Hardware Development
High Power Microwave Hardware Development
Verus Research develops and delivers HPM systems, meeting our customer’s emerging technology needs. Leveraging advanced simulation and engineering techniques, we design novel subsystem components and hardware enabling never-before-seen integrated HPM capabilities. We employ a range of skills, utilizing the latest software and techniques, from source modeling and simulation to fabrication and testing of these state-of-the-art solutions.
Antenna Research
Antenna Research
and Development
Verus Research excels at simulating, designing and developing complex antenna solutions – a core competency since our inception. We develop compact, high-power antenna solutions that can only be realized through emerging additive manufacturing processes. Using our proven design capabilities, we can deliver antenna solutions that approach theoretical design limitations.
Weapon Controls
Weapon System
Verus Research employs weapon system controls to operate complex, large-scale High-Power Microwave (HPM) systems comprised of commercial and custom designed sub-systems, vital interlocks, advanced system logging, and efficient and intuitive command and control. A solid understanding and application of signal isolation techniques coupled with proper system grounding results in reliable operation in even the most rugged EMI environments.