Target Development
Verus Research builds customized electronic targets and target systems specifically designed to support realistic radio frequency (RF) engagements. This includes the operation and repair of test targets, and the development of specialized target control software ensuring realistic target response under RF attack.
Predictive Effects
Verus Research leads the Directed Energy community in the research and development of innovative predictive effects tools identifying the causal mechanisms for a variety of High-Power Microwave (HPM) engagement scenarios, including collaborative Electronic Warfare, Cyber and HPM attack. We lay the groundwork for the development of next-generation innovative HPM waveforms and their applications.
Hpm System and
Antenna Assessment
Verus Research performs indoor and outdoor assessments of HPM systems and customized antennas. We apply specialized diagnostic and measurement techniques in both the near and far field, including field mapping, polarization characterization, and performance and safety benchmarks.
Field Testing
Field Testing: Plan, Execute and Report
Verus Research plans, executes, and analyzes the results of HPM outdoor developmental and operational demonstration tests. Leveraging 40 years of HPM test experience, we develop test plans and support the full suite of test range execution activities, ensuring optimized data collection and analysis. Our Directed Energy Models and Effects Repository (DEMER) is a web-based metadata database used to collect and share this data across the Department of Defense.