Verus Research Logs Contract Win on Craft-Agnostic RF-Observing Wireless Network (CROW)

Verus Research has been awarded an 18-month, $2.5 million science & technology contract under the auspices of the Defense Department’s Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) to address the need for high power microwave (HPM) attack Instrumentation on medium unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Under the program, Verus Research will develop a minimally-invasive HPM sensor for use on small group 1 & 2 UASs to support HPM counter-UAS weapon system testing on Defense Department test ranges.

In an impressively small package that is groundbreaking in its size and technical ability, HPM waveform characteristics will be captured in the air and telemetered to the ground. According to Verus Research Chief Technology Officer Dr. J. Mark DelGrande, “this development of novel, compact HPM instrumentation and hardened RF range communication is a specific strength of Verus Research’s technical offerings and will leverage many of the Company’s HPM sensor systems already fielded with customers today.”