Verification and Monitoring of Software-Controlled Systems
Verus Research builds formal verification software tools that integrate into model-based systems engineering development processes to ensure correct system design. We also develop runtime assurance software solutions that autonomously monitor systems in real-time and override unsafe behaviors.

Satellite Anomaly Detection and Recovery
Verus Research provides satellite state-of-health monitoring software that automatically detects and identifies onboard anomalies. Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms use digital twins and operational data to provide timely and reliable alerts to operators, which are also useful for autonomous onboard fault management.

Autonomous System
Autonomous System Control and Design
Verus Research uses advanced reinforcement learning methods and correct-by-design synthesis to develop control strategies. This enables autonomous systems to safely achieve complex tasks, such as coordinated on-orbit space situational awareness using networked satellites. We design realistic simulation environments using the game engines Unreal and Unity to train and test autonomous systems.

Space Communication
Verus Research performs research and development, modeling and simulation, algorithm development, and hardware development all geared to advance innovative technologies in satellite communication systems. This includes assembly, integration, test and evaluation of radio frequency payloads for satellite and associated ground systems.