Verus Research Restructures Business Units and Announces New Senior Leadership

Verus Research announces the restructuring of the organization to support its rapid growth and clients through the formation of new organizational units, including High Power Systems, Sensors and Instrumentation and Software Development and Applications.  Each unit will be run by a newly appointed senior director and includes specific technical portfolios to support the business groups.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are restructuring the company and the leadership team due to our recent growth and as we continue to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations,” said Wheaton “Tony” Byers, chief executive officer for Verus Research.  “The restructuring will better equip Verus Research to execute cross-domain projects, provide more opportunities for future growth and help us solve complex problems for our clients.”

Verus Research promoted four executives to the role of senior director to manage each of the new business units.  Dr. Matt Domonkos was appointed as senior director of High Power Systems; Dan Treibel will assume the role of senior director for Sensors and Instrumentation; and Walter Clover will be senior director of Software Development and Applications.  Dr. Sameer Hemmady was also promoted to senior director of Advanced Concepts.

High Power Systems, led by Domonkos, will focus on directed energy test and evaluation, applied nuclear research, and systems engineering and development.  The group will equip end users with non-lethal counter-electronics capabilities.  With an emphasis on pulsed power-driven higher-power microwave (HPM) systems, it will help develop new cross-discipline HPM and plasma science applications.

Treibel’s Sensors and Instrumentation unit will manage delivery of customer requirements in the electronic warfare, applied electronics, and space and autonomy domains.

The new Software Development and Applications group will provide research and development in modeling and simulation architectures, directed energy weapons, computational electromagnetics, and embedded systems and controls.  Managed by Clover, it creates cross-platform software with applications from hardware interfacing and control, uses advanced tools for complex geometrical visualizations, generates simulations, and produces dynamic graphical user interfaces.

In addition, Hemmady will lead the Advanced Concepts group which anticipates the challenges and needs of Verus Research clients.  Under his leadership, it will influence future concepts and address the technical issues and requirements necessary for customer success in the years to come.

“Verus Research’s new corporate structure will allow us to continue to solve our customers’ problems and provide more efficient means of capturing, executing, and leveraging opportunities as we look towards the company’s future and the success of our clients,” said Byers.