Verus Research Announces New Technical Director of Electronic Warfare

Verus Research announces the appointment of James Barlow as the company’s new technical director for electronic warfare.  Barlow will lead Verus Research’s efforts in electronic warfare and will aid in developing technologies that will utilize the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to sense a threat, attack an enemy, or protect against an assault.

“We are thrilled to welcome James to our award-winning team,” said Dan Treibel, senior director for sensors and instrumentation for Verus Research.  “He will provide the type of leadership that we are striving for at Verus Research as we continue to grow and expand our work in electronic warfare.  With his technical and military background, James is an extremely valuable asset and his leadership will help us deliver innovative and creative solutions for our clients utilizing electronic warfare to protect against and attack adversaries.”

Barlow joins Verus Research after working as a defense space systems engineer for MITRE corporation in the Space, Cyber, & Intel Solutions department.  He also worked as multi-discipline systems engineer in the MITRE’s Space and IO Innovations department and its Advanced ISR Solutions department.  Prior to MITRE Corporation, Barlow was the ISR domain expert at Battelle Memorial Institute and a principal intelligence analyst for CACI-NSR, Inc.

Barlow also has extensive experience in the military.  He served as a U.S. Army Aviator and in the Military Intelligence Office, was a combat developer at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center, and was a Military Intelligence Aerial Exploitation Company commander.  He has substantial professional education and training in policy analysis for systems engineers and management, completed the contracting officer’s representative course and MASINT collection course, attended air ground operations school, and has training in combating terrorism on installations.  He also has years of experience in aviation training and has completed several additional courses including the U.S. Army Initial Entry Rotary Wing Aviator course and the U.S. Army Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Qualification course.  He also received FAA certificates for commercial pilot, airplane multi-engine land, rotorcraft, instrument airplane and helicopter, and type rating BE200.  In addition to his military experience, Barlow earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History at the University of Mississippi in 1989.

“I am excited to begin a new chapter at Verus Research,” said Barlow.  “I am confident that our team will produce quality, innovative products and services for our electronic warfare clients.”