Verus Research Capitalizes on Research Success for DARPA

Following a competitive selection process, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded Verus Research a $2.2M, 2-year follow-on contract for the Waveform Agile RF Directed ENergy (WARDEN) project.

The DARPA WARDEN program is advancing the state of the art on extreme power, broadband amplifiers and agile waveform techniques to improve electromagnetic coupling and disruptive effects on targeted electronics, extending the range of high-power microwave systems by a factor of 10 beyond current technologies.

Under the first phase of this program, Verus Research developed and adopted a scientific process for designing agile waveforms that exploit fundamental vulnerabilities in the physics-based engineering design rules of electronic targets. This process established a robust predictive capability that can be applied across a multitude of electronic targets

In the newly awarded second phase, Verus Research will refine and augment our susceptibility characterization techniques and agile waveform prescriptions to exploit engineering design vulnerabilities in a broader set of integrated targets.

Dr. J. Mark DelGrande, Verus Research Chief Technology Officer, said this new effort “continues to solidify Verus Research’s recognized excellence in radio frequency effects and the understanding of their underlying mechanisms to benefit national defense objectives.”